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William Sun
Solicitor | LLM, BCom, LLB (USYD)

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

William specializes in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team. He obtained a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, and Master of Laws from the University of Sydney.

With his comprehensive education background, William is equipped with a strong foundation in legal studies and a deep understanding of commerce-related matters. Admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in early 2019, he brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to assist clients from various industries.

William is motivated and committed to providing exceptional service to his clients. He has successfully handled a wide range of cases, including civil and criminal matters such as commercial and contractual disputes, real property disputes, shareholders’ conflicts, and equity claims.

Moreover, William values cultural diversity and is passionate about supporting clients from different cultural backgrounds. He is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, enabling effective communication and ensuring that his clients receive the highest level of assistance and representation.

Recent Experience

William has an impressive track record of successfully representing clients in various legal disputes. Some notable examples of his achievements include:

Representing a finance company in a debt recovery dispute in the Supreme Court Equity Division, where he successfully recovered the claimed amount on behalf of his client.

Acting on behalf of a land development company in the Supreme Court Equity Division, effectively handling land and money claims and achieving a successful settlement.

Handling numerous cases involving commercial contractual disputes in both the District Court and Local Court, where William successfully recovered claimed amounts or negotiated favorable settlements for his clients.

Advocating for a landlord in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal regarding a retail lease dispute, resulting in the successful recovery of unpaid rent and other damages.

Assisting a landlord in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal in a residential tenancy dispute, helping them regain possession of the property.

Providing advice and representation to individuals and organizations in defamation and injurious falsehood claims, guiding them through the legal process to seek appropriate remedies.

Representing numerous individuals in criminal matters related to traffic offenses, apprehended violence orders (AVOs), domestic violence, assault, and other offenses.

Furthermore, William’s expertise and dedication have been acknowledged in a reported case: Wang v Meng [2022] NSWCA 215 (26 October 2022), where he represented the respondent in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal.

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