Alta Battery Teams Up with Aurizon and ARENA on Groundbreaking Battery Electric Rail Project

We are pleased to announce that our client, Alta Battery Technology, has entered into a major agreement with the Australian Rail Giant Aurizon and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to develop groundbreaking battery electric technology for heavy haul freight rail.

Alta will provide its cutting-edge DC-to-DC converter and battery storage expertise for a $18.8 million project to create the world’s first battery electric tender (BET). This innovative battery pack on wheels will couple with modified Aurizon diesel-electric locomotives, allowing them to operate as hybrid units powered by both diesel and battery power.

The BET represents a pivotal step in Aurizon’s strategy to achieve net zero emissions across its national locomotive fleet by harnessing renewable energy sources like batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. When the BET system is used in conjunction with Aurizon’s forthcoming all-battery locomotive, it aims to enable zero-emissions freight hauls up to 850 km.

Aurizon has secured $9.4 million in funding from ARENA for this pioneering project, with Aurizon investing the remaining $9.4 million. Construction and on-track testing of the BET system will occur at Australian facilities over the next two years.

“We took great care to structure this deal in a way that protects Alta’s valuable intellectual property while allowing productive collaboration,” said Derek Xu, managing partner at Jurisbridge Legal and lead attorney for Alta. “The cutting-edge technology Alta is providing will quite literally power Australia’s renewable rail freight future.”

The collaboration aligns with Alta’s mission to accelerate the nation’s transition towards clean energy across all sectors of heavy industry and transportation. Jurisbridge Legal is proud to have assisted in bringing this visionary project to fruition.

We extend our congratulations to the entire Alta team, as well as Aurizon and ARENA, for their bold commitment to sustainable innovation and decarbonization in the rail freight industry.

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