Rent | Rental Housing | Reforms | New South Wales appoints Tenancy Commissioner Trina Jones | Rental Housing System may undergo reform

The rapid surge in rent prices across Australia has posed significant challenges for Australian residents, placing immense pressure on the government.

Recently, Trina Jones has been appointed as the New South Wales Rental Commissioner, tasked with driving improvements and regulation in the rental housing market. She expressed her commitment to focusing on providing quality, fair, and affordable rental housing services for the 2 million renters in New South Wales. Working alongside industry, government, and advocates, her role will involve advocating for renters’ rights, and collaborating on policy, regulations, and laws to establish a more equitable rental housing system.
Some of the initiatives under consideration include facilitating pet-friendly rental arrangements for tenants and curbing “no-fault” evictions, aiming to create a fairer and more tenant-friendly rental environment.

Meanwhile, Trina Jones has achieved significant progress with the recently passed Rental Fairness Bill. This bill expands the scope of rental advertising bans, making them applicable to third-party platforms and property owners, not just real estate agents. Additionally, the bill empowers the New South Wales Rental Commissioner to collect pricing data from real estate agents, enabling them to provide informed and accurate advice to the government. (Image sourced from the Australian Financial Review)

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