Tech Giant | Artificial Intelligence | Industry Development | KPMG Releases Custom ChatGPT Tool for Clients

Recently, after answering thousands of questions from KPMG employees, the professional services firm officially launched its custom ChatGPT tool called “KymChat” for client use. KymChat, based on ChatGPT’s capabilities, was internally introduced by KPMG in March and has already addressed over 50,000 questions posed by KPMG employees.

John Munnelly, Chief Digital Officer of KPMG, stated that KymChat, which is now available for clients to use, combines KPMG’s purpose, capabilities, and consulting services to provide relevant functionalities and services. Munnelly mentioned that since the internal launch of KymChat, they have received numerous calls from clients inquiring about how to embark on the “KymChat journey” together.

Originally developed by Microsoft, KymChat started as a search tool to find experts within enterprises. Its applications have now expanded to include drafting proposals, creating training video scripts, and addressing inquiries related to internal policies. KPMG’s large language model was trained using its internal network and documents available to the public. Additionally, KymChat’s responses include citations, clearly indicating the sources and origins of the information. (Image sourced from the Australian Financial Review)

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